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I’m alive! and instead of giving you some of the weird shit I wrote in the woods I’ll share with you this:

“Rationing is a vital part of your country’s war effort. Any attempt to violate the rules is an effort to deny someone his share and will create hardship and help the enemy.

This book is your government’s assurance of your right to buy your fair share of certain goods made scarce by war. Price ceilings have also been established for your protection. Dealers must post these prices conspicuously. Don’t pay more.

Give your whole support to rationing and thereby conserve our vital goods. Be guided by the rule: “”If you don’t need it, DON’T BU IT.”

-U.S. Government Printing Office: 1943″


Found this on the back of Wilson H. Masters War Ration Book No. 3 along with the rest of his family’s164735


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I got the job

It begins April 21st and probably a week or so before I will have put this blog on pause. It will be tough, but I believe it’s perfect for me. I will be writing, the old school way, while up there and will be maintaining correspondence with anyone who’s interested so send me your address. Watch this slightly tongue in cheek video to see what it’s all about:

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Profitable Thought

Arguably, foresight and premeditation impede efficiency. For example, setting out your clothes or preparing a lunch for the next work day. These activities themselves take the time to commit and adding the time spent recognizing them subtracts from time spent considering other things, possibly more relevant or noteworthy. If instead, say, we relied heavily on instinct, intuition, and time-spatial pressures we might be able to more efficiently use our hours contemplating that which truly deserves contemplation. An example of this follows; suppose instead of worrying all week about what day to do your laundry, you’d wait until the necessity forced itself into action. In the meantime, you could focus on complex/abstract topics such as interpersonal relationships, the implications of subconscious twitches, dreams, or desires. The content of these ulterior subjects need only be segregated from superficial thought. Useless thought of the sort could even be matched with common conversational criticisms: having an opinion just to be opinionated, over concerned for the sake of appearing so, method above purpose, etc. These things plague, what I believe to be the case, the majorities waking conscious. And a shame it is too, thinking of the prolonged implications of the theory. What would a community look like if it truly analyzed the quality of it’s intra-actions? How would self worth grow with a fertilized confidence? In an industrial age where efficiency is coveted, it seems weird that we’ve failed to apply the same equation to our own image. It is possible that there lacks a consensus; the bottom line of happiness. Even so, there is a steadfast material standard which can be used to gauge comfortability. It would seem sensical to see a relation. If the relevance was admittable, I think we should consider very seriously how, and how long, we use our brains and for what.

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Cosmic Tetris

The pieces were all traveling, with a cool quickness, in the same general direction. Unique in shape and size, they reorganized with controlled, mathematical acceleration. Their goal was unity, and though they we’re slowly bound, their undeniable movement made this difficult. One benefit of this order was that between each congruence time could be chopped up even smaller. So this left the pieces within states of inanimate wonder. From one perspective, it could be thought they were still. The rules remained though and from either complete synthesis or prior entropy their movement could be realized. Unfortunately for the pieces, even neighboring conglomerates knew not of these ends. It was rumor of things about things from things. Such a state of affairs was obviously confusing. Fortunately for the pieces, confusion did not interrupt their pace. They proceeded under mandatory command. The specifics of the laws being the final assumption just as assumed laws lead to specifics. Notably, one piece did not even necessarily fit with another under any duration of observation. It was merely a safe assumption that a fitting match would be found. In addition, no pieces desired deconstruction and with precise movement they mostly avoided such. There was concession that a piece might only ever find a partner if another bond was broken and this was observable. So yet another perspective could yield the view that these pieces were in fact falling apart rather than coming together. Regardless of these positioned points of view, the rules remained just as the pieces and their multitude.  What the pieces were was not known as they did not know themselves. Aside each other, they were all there ever was.

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Cigarette Etiquette Suggestion

When asking someone to join you for a cigarette you would be obliged to offer them one of yours. By doing so you would not only cut back your own smoking via a check and balance relationship with other smokers but also introduce a deserved appreciation for the act itself. Arguably, smoking has become an even more intimate gesture than that of our parents’ generation. The unanticipated result of the direct ostracization of smokers. Regarded assumingly as walking carcinogens, the contemporary smoker is relocated outdoors if not also away. Ironically, such conditions strengthen camaraderie and form a solidarity for the shunned. It may even be asked if such segregation does do so to a degree against it’s motive. As cigarettes have/are/will be endorsed by counter culture, they will be part of any such identities. Noting their current client base despite neutered advertising, association is all that their influence needs. And rules which create time and space for one to interact with others while rebelliously taking a break seem asinine. Which leads to the possible conclusion that anti-smoking sentiment can not suffocate smokers and in actuality harbors their existence. This is not to say no non-smoking common rule would work better, only that the efforts thus far to suppress smoking and it’s wheezing side effects might be sustaining a market niche. Or perhaps anti-smoking signage is merely the latest expression of the public’s disdain for the habit, confirming many a smokers near paranoid self-awareness. Alas, amicably exclusive, smoking provides alone time in a time where we never are. So I say if we’re to be pragmatically cast away, let us take pride in it and act with the dignity of negligent antiquity!

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There comes a day once in a while where you fully understand an adjective. Where your intersection with your surroundings resonates as the word does with it’s definition. Today, for me, serendipitous was that word. Everything from the birds on high to the homeless recycling fit together; a schemata unordained. And evidently ironic, this discovery of serendipity fell in line with it’s formal definition. Full circle as they say. I find this strange, though, because I am usually apprehensive about the efficacy of language. I fancy it as one of many tools of expression. But as cautious, or critical, as I can prospectively consider myself, I think that some words are better than others. And even better yet is when they are used in their niche. And perhaps the greatest satisfaction comes when there simply isn’t another word to describe “it”. While I believe I feel this way today, the moldy underside of this perspective is that there also doesn’t exist words that may be needed. That uneasy feeling on your skin in awkward situations or perhaps the unspecific nausea of uncertainty to list a few somatic symptoms. Or how about miscommunication between not only a couple but one’s own self*. Granted, we all picked up the pieces of language separately. Some of us garnered a more cohesive construct of the written and spoken word. But my criticism still rests; specifically with those who consider themselves intellectual (myself likely included). Even our heroes of ancient and particular caliber would have to admit the holes of expression I am alluding to. Perhaps this is why definitions are often considered inherently inadequate by philosophers. Or perhaps why slang is used by common, less serious people or by those whose intellectual creativity has taken fancy to it (Faulkner, Salinger, Bukowski, etc.). So now it seems that there is a chasm of describable things that need only be pulled out individually by a linguistic fishing pole. And each person with each of their poles must fish to survive (or at least to have a socioeconomic successful life). Hence the use of big words to appear more intelligent. Or as can be seen in parents using slang to relate with their child’s generation. How serendipitous, wouldn’t you say?

*where the communication is not weakened by negligence

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Writing Sample For Portland Pulp

Walt, You’re my Father?

With the sale finalized, the galaxy that was once far far away will be reared regularly by your favorite pants wearing mouse. At $4.1 billion, half cash, half shares, George has made himself Disney’s third largest buyout, right after ABC and Pixar. What’s more is that Lucas Films was, prior to the deal, the most profitable independent production company that stood against Hollywood immersion. So where does this leave the die hards and what does it mean for future generations?
With full rights to not only the production company but also the studio and game division, Disney has been brain storming a full fledged plan of attack. To list a few: a seventh movie, a television series, and potentially a Star Wars theme park. They’ve even mentioned their hopes to produce biannual sequels until the Sith are utterly destroyed. Their ambition could prove provocative, though. With the old and new trilogy matched in movies, the classics still acted as a foundation. As more content rolls out free from the restrictions of the prequel/sequel puzzle, the universe is at the whim of our favorite media Sarlacc. Granted, raising eyebrows at Star Wars future would not be original in itself. Disneyland’s Star Tours has been running for decades off of a tangential storyline and countless books have overlapping histories of characters and plot. Regardless, fans and foes of the trade should brace themselves for an uninterrupted light speed jump away from what was. May the force be with you Disney.

What do you think?

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some thoughts

the origin of pain could not allude to its next instance as the world was burning before we had fire.

the cosmic winds of change affect me not as I am a boulder among pebbles.

its a shame that shame does not shame its way after such an intrusion

the blackness crackles and drags across everything with more

neeeeeeeed to write………

next ones on me

Back wash is nasty. But we don’t think twice when macking on someone…. Well that might be because I’m usually drunk when that happens. Nonetheless, something all to familiar for many of us are the romantic effects of alcohol. These still bewilder me though, for the same fermented veggies can invert the most sociable, bring tears to the toughest and stupefy the witty. Its fun, hell im drinking right now, but a feeling of caution begs for recognition. Examples of alcohol misuse can be found around every corner, with most cases inverted and unnoticed. Yet, they exist and perpetuate. At the same time, one in my position can hardly condemn such a habit as abuse. This could be due to the fact that drinking has been the right and joy of ever young adult since the dawn of booze itself. But where to draw a line. I assume through observation that it loses it’s thrill but maybe once you find that point in life it would seem boring without it. I guess I’ll have fun while I’m young and resilient, but keeping in mind those whose chronic bad breath is worse than mine. I still can’t help to wonder what life would be like with only coffee, juice, pop corn, income, weddings, taxes, babies, facebook, and funerals. Life is only worth its own surprises and excitements, maybe you become more amused with age. Maybe that’s the truth behind Huell Howser’s viewer constituency. Anyways, aging is just as bewildering as alcohol use, maybe making them both exclusive temporal experiences that are unknown objectively… that’s probably it, cause there are some very nice grandmas and some even meaner ones. That brings me to this point: I want to be an overtly confident old person; mean or nice. If I am to agree with old (major health problems) old age, I must be completely at rest with insecurity and unanswerable questions. Certainly there can’t be this much uncertainty throughout life, but then again a nervous old person is a sad sight. Therefore, I better continue living to the fullest to ensure the most accurate assumptions for such questions. Gulp. that’s a big charge, but I guess its not to much to ask NUNC EST BIBENDUM!

Potatoes and Onions

When the milk’s gone sour, the bread grown moldy, and eggs all grubbed it’s the potatoes and onions that pick up the slack. While not terribly exciting, i find that they fill me up proper and that they’ll at least last a month before you gotta chop off the mini spuds, even after which the main spud is still fair game. With these two vegetable allies the only other trustworthy grocery items are dry goods. All the rest are my enemy that must be completely eradicated before i am to win. Unfortunately I have yet to win… I have never succeeded in consuming the whole of the food that I’ll get in a trip to the store. The entire food pyramid has been subject to my neglect. I feel this is the primary reason why I find healthy eating such a chore. My options are to spend less at the market to (not) watch all my food perish or eat out until I exceed my monthly spending. It’s a grumbling dilemma that demands my attention. Whats even more harrowing is that I have premium  access to a number of health food stores in Santa Cruz that stare me down on a daily basis. But still the burrito prevails. I suppose this will be a battle over my body with myself. Its time to strategize in the kitchen; my memory will serve as my account, my nose a defense lawyer, my tongue a prosecutor, my eyes as the judge and my hands as the bailiff. Hopefully by growing more responsible with the food I do purchase I can reduce how much I spend on that what only provides instant gratification; for the greatest wealth is health.