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Cosmic Tetris

The pieces were all traveling, with a cool quickness, in the same general direction. Unique in shape and size, they reorganized with controlled, mathematical acceleration. Their goal was unity, and though they we’re slowly bound, their undeniable movement made this difficult. One benefit of this order was that between each congruence time could be chopped up even smaller. So this left the pieces within states of inanimate wonder. From one perspective, it could be thought they were still. The rules remained though and from either complete synthesis or prior entropy their movement could be realized. Unfortunately for the pieces, even neighboring conglomerates knew not of these ends. It was rumor of things about things from things. Such a state of affairs was obviously confusing. Fortunately for the pieces, confusion did not interrupt their pace. They proceeded under mandatory command. The specifics of the laws being the final assumption just as assumed laws lead to specifics. Notably, one piece did not even necessarily fit with another under any duration of observation. It was merely a safe assumption that a fitting match would be found. In addition, no pieces desired deconstruction and with precise movement they mostly avoided such. There was concession that a piece might only ever find a partner if another bond was broken and this was observable. So yet another perspective could yield the view that these pieces were in fact falling apart rather than coming together. Regardless of these positioned points of view, the rules remained just as the pieces and their multitude.  What the pieces were was not known as they did not know themselves. Aside each other, they were all there ever was.

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the harmless ode (not really)

Harmonized, the three began to climb the notes of their song. The choreography of the woods was their inspiration as they themselves went round. Ever faster, the three went on and up, high but with lows. A gesture designed to show. They were there not to perform, instead, to partake. Absorption conceded, they had tired of keystrokes and loaded questions poised by greed. It was the worlds turn to say something and theirs to respond. And so their irresistible dimples remained as inspirational shivers translated into movement in their arms and legs. They were able to forget the two toned dichotomy that argues with itself in more sane moments. Although not free, they at least had each other to forget that with. It was an homage to their absence, a time before themselves. And they were proud they could, for if not, sadness would truly be their creation.

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The swirling of catastrophic headlines supports our blessed self opinions. Walking tall on presumptuous scaffolds of progress, we exist contentedly, without acknowledging our ineptness. Creation not wholly shared, clouds of pride curl over friction caused by superficial clawing. Marks left on the earth that it too does not notice. Enough time and much less attention, we’ve even taken to the chaos of our inevitable demise. Beauty established as a circumstance of sense.

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The times were full

bladders like and tensions more

while music calmed

conversation swirled

until mess was forgotten

where anger was revealed

the crap a third

and real shit the rest

a place of neglect

but an area of negligence

we would roam without

and with we whimper

the edges only being scary as such


time called for action

which in turn was short of things

laughter unfortunate

among other rare sightings

perhaps the key

more likely the stall

the breather, or distraction

coordinates of imagination




you need trauma as an excuse for creativity

its the game we play

our emotional display

pleading for more pleasure

taking with any measure

stifled mental expansion

wanting more than our ration

spitting spite from our heart

just doing our prospective part

following words that aren’t our own

claiming land not ours as home

as disease, we spread

as humans, exhausted

phlegm hocked  from throat

excrement displaced and remote

can we reinvent the mirror?

to the past we must peer

San Fransisco Blues

From the crazy to crazy
Finger from down the street
From California to LA
This search has got me beat
It’s the corner sales and 12vers
Movings and younger sisters
Scrapping by on a lot
Heys and peaces for them all
Everything’s made and bought
Youthful soar to professional crawl
Pee, flies, barf, and crap
Their meal is my scrap
Yet I still smile and frown
In this wild western town
For ups need downs
As the masses create crowns
I could cry out but instead
I fill me throat with drink from bread
Words like fine wine with food
Define their producer’s rectitude
Escape it was and futile
Life will be for a while



that wasn’t funny, my nose is runny,
not with snot but blood, stains in retrospect
face down in mud, i should resurrect
there’s a reason right? i start a fight
it was tough for I failed to win
so here we are once again