Cosmic Tetris

The pieces were all traveling, with a cool quickness, in the same general direction. Unique in shape and size, they reorganized with controlled, mathematical acceleration. Their goal was unity, and though they we’re slowly bound, their undeniable movement made this difficult. One benefit of this order was that between each congruence time could be chopped up even smaller. So this left the pieces within states of inanimate wonder. From one perspective, it could be thought they were still. The rules remained though and from either complete synthesis or prior entropy their movement could be realized. Unfortunately for the pieces, even neighboring conglomerates knew not of these ends. It was rumor of things about things from things. Such a state of affairs was obviously confusing. Fortunately for the pieces, confusion did not interrupt their pace. They proceeded under mandatory command. The specifics of the laws being the final assumption just as assumed laws lead to specifics. Notably, one piece did not even necessarily fit with another under any duration of observation. It was merely a safe assumption that a fitting match would be found. In addition, no pieces desired deconstruction and with precise movement they mostly avoided such. There was concession that a piece might only ever find a partner if another bond was broken and this was observable. So yet another perspective could yield the view that these pieces were in fact falling apart rather than coming together. Regardless of these positioned points of view, the rules remained just as the pieces and their multitude.  What the pieces were was not known as they did not know themselves. Aside each other, they were all there ever was.

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