There comes a day once in a while where you fully understand an adjective. Where your intersection with your surroundings resonates as the word does with it’s definition. Today, for me, serendipitous was that word. Everything from the birds on high to the homeless recycling fit together; a schemata unordained. And evidently ironic, this discovery of serendipity fell in line with it’s formal definition. Full circle as they say. I find this strange, though, because I am usually apprehensive about the efficacy of language. I fancy it as one of many tools of expression. But as cautious, or critical, as I can prospectively consider myself, I think that some words are better than others. And even better yet is when they are used in their niche. And perhaps the greatest satisfaction comes when there simply isn’t another word to describe “it”. While I believe I feel this way today, the moldy underside of this perspective is that there also doesn’t exist words that may be needed. That uneasy feeling on your skin in awkward situations or perhaps the unspecific nausea of uncertainty to list a few somatic symptoms. Or how about miscommunication between not only a couple but one’s own self*. Granted, we all picked up the pieces of language separately. Some of us garnered a more cohesive construct of the written and spoken word. But my criticism still rests; specifically with those who consider themselves intellectual (myself likely included). Even our heroes of ancient and particular caliber would have to admit the holes of expression I am alluding to. Perhaps this is why definitions are often considered inherently inadequate by philosophers. Or perhaps why slang is used by common, less serious people or by those whose intellectual creativity has taken fancy to it (Faulkner, Salinger, Bukowski, etc.). So now it seems that there is a chasm of describable things that need only be pulled out individually by a linguistic fishing pole. And each person with each of their poles must fish to survive (or at least to have a socioeconomic successful life). Hence the use of big words to appear more intelligent. Or as can be seen in parents using slang to relate with their child’s generation. How serendipitous, wouldn’t you say?

*where the communication is not weakened by negligence

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