Writing Sample For Portland Pulp

Walt, You’re my Father?

With the sale finalized, the galaxy that was once far far away will be reared regularly by your favorite pants wearing mouse. At $4.1 billion, half cash, half shares, George has made himself Disney’s third largest buyout, right after ABC and Pixar. What’s more is that Lucas Films was, prior to the deal, the most profitable independent production company that stood against Hollywood immersion. So where does this leave the die hards and what does it mean for future generations?
With full rights to not only the production company but also the studio and game division, Disney has been brain storming a full fledged plan of attack. To list a few: a seventh movie, a television series, and potentially a Star Wars theme park. They’ve even mentioned their hopes to produce biannual sequels until the Sith are utterly destroyed. Their ambition could prove provocative, though. With the old and new trilogy matched in movies, the classics still acted as a foundation. As more content rolls out free from the restrictions of the prequel/sequel puzzle, the universe is at the whim of our favorite media Sarlacc. Granted, raising eyebrows at Star Wars future would not be original in itself. Disneyland’s Star Tours has been running for decades off of a tangential storyline and countless books have overlapping histories of characters and plot. Regardless, fans and foes of the trade should brace themselves for an uninterrupted light speed jump away from what was. May the force be with you Disney.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Writing Sample For Portland Pulp

  1. Count Dracula says:

    bomb diggity & quite clever but Sith needs to be plural

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