next ones on me

Back wash is nasty. But we don’t think twice when macking on someone…. Well that might be because I’m usually drunk when that happens. Nonetheless, something all to familiar for many of us are the romantic effects of alcohol. These still bewilder me though, for the same fermented veggies can invert the most sociable, bring tears to the toughest and stupefy the witty. Its fun, hell im drinking right now, but a feeling of caution begs for recognition. Examples of alcohol misuse can be found around every corner, with most cases inverted and unnoticed. Yet, they exist and perpetuate. At the same time, one in my position can hardly condemn such a habit as abuse. This could be due to the fact that drinking has been the right and joy of ever young adult since the dawn of booze itself. But where to draw a line. I assume through observation that it loses it’s thrill but maybe once you find that point in life it would seem boring without it. I guess I’ll have fun while I’m young and resilient, but keeping in mind those whose chronic bad breath is worse than mine. I still can’t help to wonder what life would be like with only coffee, juice, pop corn, income, weddings, taxes, babies, facebook, and funerals. Life is only worth its own surprises and excitements, maybe you become more amused with age. Maybe that’s the truth behind Huell Howser’s viewer constituency. Anyways, aging is just as bewildering as alcohol use, maybe making them both exclusive temporal experiences that are unknown objectively… that’s probably it, cause there are some very nice grandmas and some even meaner ones. That brings me to this point: I want to be an overtly confident old person; mean or nice. If I am to agree with old (major health problems) old age, I must be completely at rest with insecurity and unanswerable questions. Certainly there can’t be this much uncertainty throughout life, but then again a nervous old person is a sad sight. Therefore, I better continue living to the fullest to ensure the most accurate assumptions for such questions. Gulp. that’s a big charge, but I guess its not to much to ask NUNC EST BIBENDUM!


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