Potatoes and Onions

When the milk’s gone sour, the bread grown moldy, and eggs all grubbed it’s the potatoes and onions that pick up the slack. While not terribly exciting, i find that they fill me up proper and that they’ll at least last a month before you gotta chop off the mini spuds, even after which the main spud is still fair game. With these two vegetable allies the only other trustworthy grocery items are dry goods. All the rest are my enemy that must be completely eradicated before i am to win. Unfortunately I have yet to win… I have never succeeded in consuming the whole of the food that I’ll get in a trip to the store. The entire food pyramid has been subject to my neglect. I feel this is the primary reason why I find healthy eating such a chore. My options are to spend less at the market to (not) watch all my food perish or eat out until I exceed my monthly spending. It’s a grumbling dilemma that demands my attention. Whats even more harrowing is that I have premium  access to a number of health food stores in Santa Cruz that stare me down on a daily basis. But still the burrito prevails. I suppose this will be a battle over my body with myself. Its time to strategize in the kitchen; my memory will serve as my account, my nose a defense lawyer, my tongue a prosecutor, my eyes as the judge and my hands as the bailiff. Hopefully by growing more responsible with the food I do purchase I can reduce how much I spend on that what only provides instant gratification; for the greatest wealth is health.



One thought on “Potatoes and Onions

  1. tanya says:

    potatoes and onions have saved me tons. Although I don’t mind eating them at all. I cook this curry potato and onion soup that’s pretty delicious. But yes, “burritos prevail”!

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