your an ass, but so am I

Do you ever see motocross bikes that have been made street legal? Well, when I see those guys with their over sized helmets I cant help to think that they are the classic goons of an action movie. Indispensable, or at least in those movies, i’m inclined to close-line them or make them crash somehow. I don’t know exactly why, but I seem to have similar underlying feelings associated with many sorts of people. Where the prior thought was a silly one, I’m hyper-critical. I have always been told so by those close to me that my judgments exceed reasonable jurisdiction. Why this is so may be attributed to a number of things, the first of which is comfort. If I feel that if I can organize my world into distinct categories, I can tell myself I understand, that I’ll be better prepared to handle the infinite situations of what this world is composed of. There is no question or uncertainty if I automatically assume what a person has to bring to the table. This might be an effective safeguard for the jagged edges of life, but it has dulled the experience by limiting it. Another possible source of my excess judgment might be arrogance backed with ignorance. But am I alone? When one finds a conviction to stand by, one is tempted to discredit others opposed to it. One feels committed and experiences the tendency to generalize the familiar, while overlooking the misunderstood or unseen.
There are probably many more reasons behind the criticism of my species but the one I understand to be the most relevant is the modern (ir)rationality adopted in our overcrowded and over stimulated society. We are drenched in the judgments. Soaked in them, we live by them, through them, and around them when wise enough to do so. An age of invisible standards does more than force its constituents to play, it teaches them how to push. People are prone not only to stick by their claims, but also to enforce them as universal truth. An effective way of doing so is passing judgment excessively. It can be a stereotype, an assumption of character, generalization of a habit, etc. Detrimental pressure on one’s own self is a result of such criticism; as this sort of judgment is impartial to its victims in our day. First it stings, but then heals and is remembered: consciously or otherwise. It’s a social virus that has been buried by disenchantment and lost by familiarity. It’s unhealthy; but it’s the way we live, even if we are able to understand it’s symptoms.


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