I have plugged in

to the main frame. Or at least one could say. I, from here on out, will sporadically insert tid bits of my own convoluted opinion into the seemingly infinite world wide web. I heed warning to those who will subject themselves to these ramblings and rubbish: a. I can’t spell for shit, b. I have some pretty “high in the sky” thoughts, and c. may step on some toes. But hey, I figure it’ll make this thing way more interesting. I had the inclination to start this today when I was on an overcrowded school bus on my way to my Kant class. I was groggy as it was 7:50 am and quite contemptuous of my innocent, yet encompassing peers as not a square foot of floor space is spared these days. I have recently been trying to recall my dreams early in the day, but feel brainwashed with the flustering activities of the morning! That aside, I thought I should keep a journal of my thoughts and dreams, especially while I’m at such a crucial stage of my life. But then I thought that to much a task and easily ignored being far from my routine which led me to the notion of a blog. Why not share the contents of my young and naive mind with others on a similar plight? Fuck facebook: turns you into a stalker, significantly drains downtime, and has trained me to sign on every time my web browser pops up! (dont forget to check my status updates regularly for incoherent emo babbling). Anyways, I thought a blog would also be a good outlet to help me express my thoughts in the first place. I find that I rarely project my opinion in any other mode than school essays which limit me. I therefore, through this electronic medium, will produce, archive, and re-examine myself all the while sharing it with those who give a shit. Hope you follow along.



3 thoughts on “I have plugged in

  1. a bag of bats says:


  2. my new belt buckle says:

    BUT what did you do this weekend?

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